about jack’s hostas

As a horticulturist, I have been involved in growing and selling hostas for almost twenty years. Many of you might recognize me from the various conventions that I have attended and might enjoy seeing my hosta enclave. I am a grower, seller, and hybridizer. While I am not a display garden, I still feel you will find my garden very interesting because of the quality and quantity of our favorite genus, the Hosta. In addition to the hostas, I have started adding Japanese maples and various lilies to help complement the garden and add a warmer experience for my visitors.

There are several thousand varieties of hostas growing in my yard and flowing into my three neighbor’s yards. While I only have three quarters of an acre to grow on, the use of this additional space without fences contributes to the feeling of a much larger expanse. I look forward to offering you some of the best mature hostas available. Have something you are searching for, let me quote you on the finest mature hostas in our area.

You might even like to take in historic downtown Cedarburg just a few blocks away. This historic city is nationally known for its historic shops and restaurants. Check out Historic Cedarburg.

Jack Barta - Hosta Grower